Q: What is PrePaid Advertisements (PPA)?
A: PPA is a multi-tier, self-sustaining, private marketing society.
Q: How much does it cost to join PPA?
A: There is a $5 account setup fee for each level of membership. This helps cover website hosting and development costs. There is also a tier access fee for each specific tier. You pay this directly to another member of the tier you wish to access.
Q: What are the tiers of access?
A: $20, $50, $75, $100, $250, $500, $750, $1000, $1500, $2000. Here is a fee schedule.
Q: What is the refund policy?
A: You can receive a 100% refund for your first account setup fee. You have 36 hours from your payment confirmation to request a refund. If you join multiple tiers of access, you can only receive a refund for the first one you joined. Since the tier access fees are member-to-member payments, there is no official refund policy for tier access fees. 
Q: This seems expensive, how do I know if it is worth the money?
A: If you join any organization with the wrong mindset and intentions, you will probably not get the results you wanted. Likewise, if you join our resource sharing society with the wrong mindset and intentions, you will probably not get the results you wanted. Worry about what value you provide to the group. The law of equitable distribution will take care of the rest.
Q: How is the $2000 tier more valuable than the $20 tier?
A: The $2000 tier involves actually conducting business within our network of global partnerships. The  $20 tier is just basic info.
Q: How can PPA sustain itself?
A: PPA is not a corporation. We don’t need to turn a profit. We are essentially offering all of our information for free. The member access fees are paid from one member directly to another. Our only income is the $5 account setup fee. We have extremely low overhead. We believe in the equitable allocation of all resources. “You get what you put in!” This is why each member must “pay it forward” in order to gain access to  our repositories. Knowledge, generosity, money, and energy are continually circulating. There is almost no way to cheat the system or freeload.
Q:Who is behind PrePaid Advertisements?
A: PPA was created by Chrysalis Johnson and a small team of people who want to change the world. We are part of the Vigilant America (VA) family of online campaigns.
Q: How do I know this is not a scam?
A: You should always be cautious when looking into joining something new. The credibility of PPA is only as strong as the credibility of the parent organization. VA is a fresh new approach to social change. It is registered with the state of Arizona and the IRS. There is no reason for us to risk our reputation for $5 payments. The creator of PPA also has a stellar track record. Here is more info on the man who had the original vision for this private society.


Q: As a member of PPA, what exactly will I do?
A: You will study our learning modules. Attend private video and teleconferences. Apply what you learn to make more money doing the things you are already doing. Bring more people into the family and make more money.
Q: How long is my membership good for?
A: All PPA access tiers are lifetime memberships. You will be able access updated info and the latest resources forever. Members are encouraged to download all info. Our websites have been attacked before.
Q: How much of my access payments does Chrysalis Johnson receive?
A: Nothing. Your entire payment goes to another member.
Q:How does Chrysalis Johnson make money?
A: He makes money from providing various consulting services. He also receives personal donations from those who follow his selfless work.
Q: What is Vigilant America?
A: VA is a 501(c)4 nonprofit corp based in Phoenix AZ. Our mission is to amplify the voices of the next generation of social leaders.
Q: Where does my $5 account setup fee go?
A: We incur costs related to hosting the affiliate program and landing pages. We also employ remote workers all over the world.
Q: PPA could just create a major brand and host expensive retreats. Why not?
A: As much as hoarding large sums of wealth may sound like a good idea, it’s not sustainable. Centralized and stratified systems are destroying the earth. In our private society, we share all of our wealth equitably and focus on expanding our network. As long as we work with good people, there will always be opportunities to make money.
Q: How do I join?
A: Join Here. We will be happy to meet you!