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 PrePaid Advertisements      private society that shares 100% of our revenue with our members.

How are we able to do this???

 One, we pay you to bring us new members.

We will send you $1 for each referral.

No small print. No unrealistic minimum payout. no bullshit!


Two, We have created the most equitable reseller program in the world.

Once you buy into our private information, you can sell access to the info for 100% Commission! 

Sounds good. But what does it really mean to me?

This means you can get paid for every single member that you bring into our family.

Even if they never buy anything and you never invest any money!

There are no complicated pay scales, overrides, downlines or residuals.

You don’t have to learn a bunch of rules or attend webinars.

This is not an MLM, network marketing, or a pyramid.

All you are doing is leveraging the power of Infinite Abundance?

What on earth is Infinite Abundance?

(I’ll tell you after the check break.) 


Infinite Abundance is a frequency you can tap into.

With proper guidance and great discipline, you can manifest anything into existence. For example:

Just imagine if The Secret  was something you could use to generate payments directly to your bank account.

Wait… is this some ‘new Age’ cult type of thing?

Not at all. We are just normal people who think outside of the box.

We push the limits of the human imagination by sharing information.

We even have our own huge library of unreleased knowledge.

THe Crucible contains, docs, slideshows, videos, AND apps and more that haVE never been seen by the general public.


Membership in each tier grants you a lifetime of benefits.

You only pay one time for the level of service you desire.

There are no monthly fees (just $5 account setup).


What  EXACTLY will i be selling?

Crucible Knoledge Stick 500

 We provide social media marketing/training, content syndication, resource libraries, and more.

Our material is so valuable because it is derived from unreleased files and docs. To maintain the integrity of the info, we only distribute Crucible material via secure file transfer or external storage devices.

Once you buy access, Your friends and colleagues will pay you directly for access to the info!


Who is behind this?

PrePaid Advertisements is part of the Vigilant America Network.

Vigilant America (VA) is a registered 501(c)4 nonprofit organization based in Phoenix AZ.

The Director of VA is a social entrepreneur named Chrysalis Johnson (Vision).

To learn more about this great organization and the man behind the mission, read our Faqs.


This looks all looks great, what now?

If you were referred by someone, go find them and use their referral link to sign-up!

If you found this page organically, sign-up thru our main member hub here.

As soon as we receive your contact info, someone from the team will personally reach out to you with guidance.

Welcome to a new world of unlimited possibilities.

Welcome to Infinite Abundance.