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Joining our private society is easy. 

1. Decide how much you wish to spend. Here is the tier fee schedule. You can join one tier or all 10, it’s up to you. Remember, you will only get paid when you refer members to one of your tiers of access. For example, if are only a member of the $100 and $250 tier  and your friend joins the $250 and $500 tiers, you only will receive $250.

2. Send your $5 account setup fee to this Cash App Account. Remember, you have 36 hours to request a full refund. Only one account setup fee is refundable.

3. Send a membership request to Be sure to mention the tiers you can afford to join now and the CashTag of the person who referred you. If you have no referrer, that’s fine, we will match you with a member who hasn’t received a payment yet.

4. Once you pay your tier access fee, send payment confirmation to We will promptly send you links, files, and instructions based on your membership tier. Remember, tier access fees are not refundable.

5. Use your referral link to bring more people into the private society. Every time someone joins one of your tiers, you get a direct payment. No waiting period, no deductions, no small print! You should receive an email from HypeSprout as soon as you opt-in on the video page. If you didn’t get it, contact

If you have any questions, ask BEFORE you send any payments!

We have a 100% satisfaction rate.