Meet the Director of Vigilant America

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My name is Chrysalis Johnson
For 22 years, I operated various businesses.
Some made money, some didn’t.
Before I moved to Arizona from Ohio, I sold my last piece of real estate for a considerable profit.
This gave me a nice cushion to live on while I built my new venture in a new state.
Things were going OK, but it seemed like something was missing.
At the beginning of January 2019, I decided to walk away from my business.
I began to advocate for various issues that are important to me.
I love the feeling of making this world a better place, but the job doesn’t pay very well.

At the beginning of March, things were moving slow for my new political/social initiatives.

My wife suggested getting a job to bring in some money.

After applying to 58 companies, I finally got a call for an interview.

Even though it paid minimum wage, I took the position.

It was a call center job located near our apartment.

After I received my first check, I spoke to my wife about the situation.

I could continue working full-time or I could resume my mission to change the world.

After reading comments and emails from people who were touched by my work, she told me to quit the job.

Not only does she support my advocacy, she now works

three jobs to cover the bills until my consultancy clientele grows.

One of my most dire goals is to share my marketing, branding, and business methods with the world.

But I don’t just want to post a bunch of videos to Patreon and collect donations.

I formulated a business model that will allow me to spread my message and help my audience access the information for FREE.

The program is called PrePaid Advertisements.

Here’s how it works:

There are ten levels of access. We call them membership tiers.

Each one grants the user more access to unreleased information. 

The Crucible is a vast collection multi-media content. Here is the intro.  

You select the level(s) of membership that fit your needs and budget.

After you pay the $5 account set up fee, you will be given the $Cashtag of a current member to pay for access.

Once you make this one time payment, you will have access to the info, coaching, and perks forever.

This is private info that is updated regularly and not shared on social media.

It is definitely worth more than you will pay for it.

However, If you would like to recoup your membership access fee, you can bring in new members to the family. 

You receive 100% of the access fees from anyone who joins thru your affiliate link.

There is no limit to the number of people you can refer.

The best part is the fact you don’t have to actually create any content. 

Everything is provided to you!

There is no small print or hidden fees.

There is only one catch. You can only get paid on tiers that you buy into.

For example, if your friend wants to join at the $100 level, and you only are a $50 member, your friend will join under another member.

This is why it is important to join as many levels as possible to maximize your participation in our group.

I truly tried to make this a win-win for everyone regardless of your level of experience or income.

Our private, resource-sharing community is something that anyone can join and anyone can profit from.

Here are some vintage payment proofs. (We’ve been doing this for a while.)

Here are some FAQs.

Here is how to join!