TOTALITY was created out of necessity.


People all over the world need something to believe in, stand up for, and belong to.

Unfortunately, most of us are too lazy (or burned out) to move out of our politics/religious/class comfort zones.

We are constantly missing out on opportunities to manifest a better reality.

The entire world is connected via the internet, yet people are more disconnected than ever.

What’s the answer?

The answer is simple, people who DEMAND to live in FREEDOM need to come together.

We need a platform that is self-sustaining, scalable and can continually upgrade itself.

It’s too late to leave the future in the hands of a few greedy humans.

The controllers of our society have ruined the earth and most of world’s cultures.

We need our own space to work, play, and express ourselves freely.

TOTALITY is that space.


The TOTALITY development team has mapped out an entire decentralized economy and social structure.

Instead of charging neverending fees, the system rewards members for circulating resources.

The growth and overall direction of the project is controlled by artificial intelligence.

In order to finance these innovations, we are conducting two ICOs.

The #TOTATOKENSALE is the first ICO.

This is not like any other blockchain project before it.

The ultimate goal of the TOTA tech project is to build a framework that will allow users to conduct their entire lives from one dashboard.

No need to waste time logging in and out of websites all day.

No more lost passwords or getting hacked.

Just imagine never having to worry about someone stealing your credit cards or devices.

And the best part is, the system will design itself to fit the requirements of the user base.

Like I said, that’s the ultimate goal. We are starting much smaller.


My company has formed strategic alliances with some major players in the tech space.

We are combining our talents, code bases, and human resources to build a massive repository.  

Crypto trading, Forex trading, online gambling, and Uncensored Content distribution will all coexist on one decentralized network.

After we build this alpha version of the system, we will replicate the process in different industries.

Utility companies, major retailers,, medical firms, educational institutions, governments, and social media companies will be lining up to integrate our technology into their value chains.

Revenue from long term licencing agreements will be used to keep the TOTALITY economy healthy.

We will never run out of potential customers as long as the internet is functioning and accessible.

These major companies will be forced to use the TOTA token and various related assets in order to integrate into our system.

We will enjoy the benefits of the network effect on two different fronts.

End users will become conditioned to using an easier method of navigating the internet.

High value clients will jump on board from fear of being left behind.

Eventually, our technology will be as commonplace as Windows operating systems.


TOTALITY aims to reduce the destructive impact of hyper competitiveness.

If there is no scarcity, there is no reason to be overly worried about resource allocation.

Our core models can be applied to anything.

A system like the one I’m proposing will be built at some point. No question.

The question is, will WE build it, or will THEY build it?

It is time to stop talking and start acting!

We need to spread the word about new ways of sharing resources, info, and our lives.


At this moment, the number one concern is bringing people into the #TOTATOKENSALE.

The faster we issue tokens, begin trading, and building market cap, the faster we can begin building the machine learning engine.

We need more funds to attract better talent. It’s truly that simple.

We are constantly adding software vendors and developers to our list of strategic partners.

We have working products, a marketing plan, and a token on the blockchain.

We have a small, loyal team, and most importantly, we have a clear vision.

We only want what it best for the earth and those who inhabit it.

This is a long-term project that may never actually be “finished.”

It’s not about winning. It’s about creating a more fair and sustainable playing field.

As long as the ideals, technology, and energy are moving humanity forward, we are on the right track!

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