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The Vigilant America Network Expert Panel consists of scholars, industry leaders, coaches, doctors, business professionals, community leaders, and various highly competent entrepreneurs. 

Our collective expertise can create massive change in the world.

We will be sharing our insights and knowledge on a paid service called

Match Remote Work.

What is Match Remote Work?

This is a boutique service that connects brand new Digital Nomads, Stay-at-Home Parents, and Freelancers to industry experts in real-time.

Most people who are new to the online biz space usually waste 100’s of hours in Facebook groups or scouring blogs.

90% of this info is just sales copy for an overpriced course.

Our platform provides the opposite experience.

For a small fee, a newbie can ask a vetted expert a question and get an answer that can be trusted.

At this time, there is nothing like this in the remote work space.

We are currently screening our first cohort of experts.

Motivated individuals who wish to provide consultations are welcome to apply.

Please read over our list of basic requirements. These are all mandatory and subject to verification.

Education Requirements: 2-year college degree, 4-year college degree, Master’s Degree, Doctorate Degree, or professional license (CPA, CFA etc.)

Employment Requirements: At least 5 years of working experience in your field of expertise.

Tech Requirements: Computer, webcam, microphone, reliable internet connection

Proof of Work Requirements: Published articles, videos, or audio clips that demonstrate your expertise.

Misc. Requirements: Fluent in speaking and writing English. The desire to form long-term relationships. 

What is expected from an expert?

Please read over our list of basic expectations. These are all mandatory.

Constant Contact: You will need to communicate with your trainer at least once a day. 

Networking: You will need to  add at least 5 new connections  to your professional network every single week.

Consistent Content: Your online presence is one of the key factors in monetizing your expertise. It must be impressive and immersive.

Proof of Work Requirements: Published articles, videos, or audio clips that demonstrate your expertise.

What does an expert get from Vigilant America?

Your overall experience depends on your level of commitment. Give more. Get more.

Compensation: The amount you can charge for your services depends on your level of expertise and demand. You can expect to make $30-$60 per hour as a new expert. Your clients will pay you directly. Our fees will also come directly from clients.

Professional References: Not only can you make money giving advice, your new professional connections can give you references. This will help you get hired faster when you apply other remote working roles.

Professional Portfolio: This is a major tech project. As a contributor, you can use your work as a valuable addition to your portfolio.

Marketing Support: The entire Vigilant America community of cooperative marketers willing be pushing this platform. This is free promotion to many targeted audiences. 

How do I get started and begin getting paid?

Please read over our list of basic requirements. These are all mandatory and subject to verification.

Subscribe to the YouTube Channel: We will be conducting most of our training sessions via live video stream. You need to get the notifications.

Submit your Resume: You only need one resume on file to apply for any of our opportunities.

Contact me on Skype: This is the most common method of communicating in the Digital Nomad space. We will chat daily.


Q: How much does is cost  to become an expert on Match Remote Work?

A: During the pilot phases, there is no cost to join the platform. However, you may need extra help in order to meet all the requirements. These personalized interactions may incur fees.

Q: How is this different than all the other websites like this?

A: 1. Vigilant America is a nonprofit company. This means we put all of our energy into providing the best client experience. Our competitors are mainly focused on turning a profit.  2. Match Remote Work is a brand new concept. We have stripped away the fluff and hype of networking. There are no timelines to scroll or long videos to watch.  Clients simply pay for the insight they need in real-time. 3. Every single expert on our platform is personally vetted and verified. No bots, fake accounts, catfish, or scammers. Period!

Q: When will the platform be fully launched?

A: TBD. We are currently in the alpha testing phase. But new experts can still earn money before the official launch.

Q: I want to earn a full-time living as a Match Remote Work Expert. How long will this take?

A: This depends on your experience/education level, body of work, consistency, and ability to generate traffic. We will help you with all of these components during the FREE training sessions. However, it is up to you follow the program and provide an excellent client experience.