Vigilant America

Vigilant America is a 501 (c)4 organization based in Phoenix AZ.

Founded by Chrysalis Johnson on January 3, 2019, VA is a voice for the voiceless. 

We are currently cultivating the next wave of grassroots leaders and social entrepreneurs.

Our training courses are forged from years of trial and error.

Our teaching methods are simple and effective.

We have positively impacted the lives of freelancers as well as interns.

Meet Patiqua. She graduated from college at 19 years old with a 4-year degree.

She is doing enormous things and she came thru our training system.

The Vigilant America Network is comprised of the projects, brands, and individuals who are affiliated with VA and our mission.

We have the human resources, financial sponsorship, and technological capabilities to change the direction of humanity.

All we need is to spread the word.

Join the battle for our future!